My clients, Tori and Micah Swann, have recently started riding motorcycles with a group of their friends. They love their new hobby and have also begun a collection of motorcycle patches. They reached out to me and asked if I would design a personalized patch just for them. I quickly jumped at the opportunity because I am new to graphic design, and this was my first project outside of class.

          At the beginning of this project, I knew nothing about motorcycles or how to design a motorcycle patch. I asked my clients what they wanted to include in their patch, and they said they wanted it to have a swan on it. As for the colors, they wanted neutral colors, mostly black.  I searched online for ideas and did some research on the motorcycle patch layout. I also took a trip to the Harley Davidson store to get some inspiration for my project.


          I went online and did some research on the layout of motorcycle patches. Most patches have a top rocker, a bottom rocker, and the Colours. The top rocker is where the gang’s name goes. The bottom rocker features the name of the area the gang is from. Then in the middle of the patch is the Colours or the gang’s symbol.         

          After doing research online, I decided to go out and get a little inspiration for my project. I went to Harley Davidson for the first time and looked at motorcycles and apparel to get some ideas. I think getting outside the workspace helps in the design process. I enjoyed my time at Harley Davidson and can definitely understand the appeal of my clients’ hobbies.


          I started the design process with some sketches. I am no artist, but sketching it out helps me visualize and plan out a project. I communicated back and forth with my clients, and we worked together to lay out the patch. 


          I created the patch using Adobe Illustrator. I sent a picture of the rough draft to my clients, and they loved the swan silhouette and the “EST. 2018”, which is the year they got married. The only change they made was the bottom rocker. They requested that I change it to “Alabama” instead of “Cullman.”


          Below are my final designs. I sent two designs to my client. One patch has texture, and the other does not. I enjoyed working on this project and working with the Swanns. They loved the design and will be sending it off to have the patch made. I can not wait to see the patch I designed.